All Saints

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At the end of the village to the right of the high street is the Agioi Pantes church. It is built in 1925 by a family of Popolians and stands like a castle in a forest of tall trees. According to the testimonies of the village’s elders in this church, an exorcism has been made. As the testimonies of a woman from Kotziana have been told, the temptation has come within her. They brought her to the church to be baptized by Papa Vasilis and Papa Timoleos. Despite the efforts of the priests, the temptation did not come. Then the woman’s husband took her and went to Kefalonia in Agios Gerasimos. Before leaving for Cephalonia the temptation said he would throw the church dome. Papa Vassilis then told him “Do not do any damages. In the church I will have a lamp with oil to throw into the church. ” In Kefalonia they managed to get the temptation and then the temptation came to the Holy Panties, opened the doors of the church, threw the candle and the cross into the church dome.